Conversations on weak signals and future drifts
Weak signals are indicators of emerging trends that have the potential to become defining factors in future society. They can also describe present developments that are felt by some, but underestimated by the vast majority. is an ongoing series of conversations on early signs of deep disruption in business, policy, design, art and culture - driven by latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technologies, Web3 and other fields of (deep) technology. Gathering experts, practitioners, artists and researchers at the cutting edge of their domains, and stirring exchange with an open community that spans sectors, generations and walks of life, offers a new forum for mapping the opportunities and problems of rapid technological and societal change. Most of all, the multi-cities series wants to connect engaged individuals beyond their domains, allowing for new synergies and dynamics.

#Date #008
on June 6th (Thursday) year (0)2024,
impulses from: 19:00:69 / official end: 22:04:20

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Journee Technologies GmbH / Chausseestr. 36 / 10115 Berlin

#Talks #008 (chronological order)

Tatiana Bazzichelli (Artistic Director) & Jonas Frankki (Creative Producer)
Exposing Systems of Power & Injustice

Prof. Lukas Feireiss
Curatorial and educational experiments between science and art of knowledge &

Anna Franziska Michel – Next steps in Digital Fashion &

Misch Strotz (CEO & Co-Founder Neon Internet & LetzAI)
Building genAI to which you can add yourself. & &

Newest developments

Jun Suzuki

Rodrick Rahim Chattaika Jr. (Co-Founder & CEO
Peachz is on a mission to revolutionise the value exchange between electronic music creators and their supporters through a curated electronic music platform.

Chiderah Sunny (Entrepreneur, academic and communications professional)
Faux diversity in industries and how communications industries help to reinforce this

#Past Locations

Journee HQ
Studio dB
Grosbusch Academy Luxembourg

#Past Events

#Date #007
November 23th (Thursday) year (0)2023

Adina Popescu
Open Planetary A.I., Simulating Solutions for Planet Earth

Johanna Neuschäffer & Anne Schwanz
Emerging gallery, focus on digital art & developments in the art market &

Zinnia Nomura
Dance, circus, theater-maker and producer working with generative art and digital topics &

Mathias Thiel
Managing Director, merging perception and imagination – 20 years of spatial art by studio asisi &

Philipp Horstmann
Chief Executive Engineer & Lead Trainer/Coach, digital Education/STEM education with FPV drones and drone racing with open source mindset as fascinating entry point to a potential engineering career &

Kennedy Torkura
Cyber security, Multi-Cloud Visibility and Monitoring in One Platform

Gayatri Parameswaran & Felix Gaedtke
Immersive storytelling in XR

#Date #006
October 26th (Thursday) year (0)2023

Lori Baldwin
Performance artist utilizing AI, neuroscience, cabaret, dark humor, and blockchain to explore [im]mortality &

TYMM NOVYY (o_.o._o)
Multimedia artist, developer, art director, laser, game engine, live-performance


Brian Shimkovitz
Blogger, label-owner, tape collector and DJ

Pablo Perra
Action figur maker, illustrator, graphic designer

Sylvie Rasch
Ex-musicmanager, YouTuber, world record holder, best selling author, recipient of the German Innovation Award, DIY & KSK expert &

Tim Heiler
Design Thinking without workshops, creative collaboration, technology and behavior design &

Balázs Izsó
vCISO; consultant for security, digital trust, and cyber resilience

#Date #005
September 14th (Thursday) year (0)2023

Amelie Dinh
exploring the affordances of DAOs, and developing windows into image-generating neural networks.

Lucas Gutierrez
realtime rendering, digital artist, industrial designer

Dr. Prateep Beed
Neuroscience, psychedelics and subjective realities

Deidre Olsen
journalist, filmmaker, editor-in-chief of an AI company, academic studying facial recognition software in war &

Sebastian Loewe
Design + AI expert, researcher, author, speaker, intelligent UX + product innovation &

Dirk König
Creative Director, digital generalist. From web3 communities to experiential designs & digital fashion

Alex Brack & Mats Fatz
Screenwriter Strike, independent Film


Chiderah Sunny
Entrepreneur, academic and communications professional

Rodrick Rahim Chattaika
Ambitious Entrepreneur & multidimensional thought leader

#Date #004
June 22nd (Thursday) year (0)2023

Enara Nazarova (@enaraxr)
Metaverse, virtual self expression, digital bodies and avatars, digital fashion, speech to world creation, Generative Worldbuilding

Isadora Klene
Premium psilocybin retreats, Global Health Researcher, anthropology

Sacks Stuurman
consulting business in africa, Apartheid in south africa

Rafa (@rafathebuilder)
perpetual media machines, collective curation, cryptomedia, AI community memory agents

Boris Eldagsen
Artificial intelligence = knowledge amplifier, AI image generators, knowledge transfer, #promptography

Chiderah Sunny
Entrepreneur, academic and communications professional

Rodrick Rahim Chattaika
Ambitious Entrepreneur & multidimensional thought leader

#date #003
May 25 (Thursday) year (0)2023

Severin Matusek & Theresa Reimann-Dubbers
applied metagame studies, avatar identity politics, multiplayer knowledge design

Peter Grosskopf
Decentralized Finance, easy access to DeFi

Jess de Jesus de Pinho Pinhal
AI ethics, metaethics, political philosophy, philosophy of technology &

Asli Serbest and Mona Mahall
Critical spatial practices, Digital Urbanism, Natural Wi-Fi, Homes of the Internet

Florian Balke & Lisa Brandel
Web3 development, virtual avatar creation, immersive digital experiences, magic events &

Chiderah Sunny
Entrepreneur, academic and communications professional

Rodrick Rahim Chattaika
Ambitious Entrepreneur & multidimensional thought leader

#date #002
on April 13 (thursday) year (0)2023

Gabriela Seemann & Adrien Hobt
concept robotics, circular economy, prototyping, localized production systems

Asaaf Reeb
digital fashion & assets, interoperability across chains & virtual worlds &

Paula Cipierre & Jan Hiesserich
from artificial to augmented intelligence, learning from art to build a better future with software

Nadim Samman
art criticism, curating, global thinking &

#date #001
March 02 (thursday) year (0)2023

Patrick Doan
Hypergraphics, Pixelhunter, RealtimeShader Agent

Prof. Alexander Nemeth
Laseroptics, Additive Manufacturing, Industry 4.0+

Luca Schiefer
Journee X, metaverse-as-a-service, Virtual Spaces

Cedric Kiefer
Data driven, Generative, AI / ML, Digital Art

Thibault Marion de Proce
3D, AR & Virtual Try-on, Technology for Fashion

Soiree XD & Studio dB presents:
mzimu, (noun) : “soulful intermedium exploration”



September 29th 2023 (Friday)

“mzimu” is a word that originates from the different dialects of the Chewa language in the Southern Eastern region of Africa, meaning vision/soul and spirit. The language is spoken in different forms in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe where it is derived as Chichewa, Nyanja, or Chinyanja in the different regions and countries.

The noun “mzimu” was chosen due to its versatility in meaning, to align with the fluid nature of the evening where we will explore the mediums of music, visual art, and performance and the relativity of the perception of time over an evening. The artists chosen come from diverse disciplines, as well as different backgrounds: with the goal of exploring an experimental form of hybrid curation to inspire the guest.

A cool ambient set by Chris TIAMO will warm the evening up, with live painting by Younes Mohammadi running simultaneously, to portray the flickering flows of the initial onset of an evening. Slowly falling into the screening of two short films: “Rituals,” directed by Alex Brack (Kartago Film), and “YAHOO BOY,” directed by Monde Gumede (SHIBOBO Cinema), each having their own Q&A round. The screening will be accented by a warm incense burning with incense chambers from Tycho Koll.

Jun Suzuki will grace the evening with his heavenly notes in a live performance following the screenings. Afterward, surprise DJ acts will take the stage to close the night with Afrohouse and Amapiano-inspired melodies, featuring special guest appearances and the resident DJ from Refuge Worldwide and African Acid Is The Future, O.N.A. Join us for the first event in this series, and we hope you'll leave feeling inspired, wearing a grin, and with a broader perspective and a warm heart.

With love x3

START 18:00

Chris TIAMO [Jealous Lovers] ambient DJ set

with live painting by: Younes Mohammadi


SHIBOBO CINEMA presents: Yahoo Boy

KARTAGO FILM presents: Rituals


Multidisciplinary Artist, Data Engineer & GenAI Consultant

(Amapiano, Afrohouse & GQOM)

O.N.A [Refuge Worldwide,African Acid Is The Future]

RAHIM [Soiree XD]


TYCHO KOLL created Incense Chambers

Hosted by Rodrick Rahim Chattaika
Design by

Community Radio Event

Saturday, 11 May 2024

17:00 — Welcome
18:00 — Talks (10 minutes each)
20:00 — Live Music, Performance & DJs
02:00 — End

Cashmere Radio (Judith Wajsgrus)
Sound System Culture Berlin (Eugenia Seriakov)
THF Radio
Fango Radio
Hans Raabe
Mike Riemel
Special Guest

#Live Music & Performance
Matto Zoppi *listening session
Databoy78 *live
"marow" *live.

DJ ShluchT
DJ Aussenborder

#Curated by
Soiree XD Network

<Soiree XD>
is co-hosted by: (alphabetical order)

Music: Blue Stork - track6 (sectarian patterns) [bandlabMaster]